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Our Media

After COVID-19: What Next For Your Finances?

The recent global pandemic has brought the wheels of industries, countries and businesses to a screeching halt – a circumstance which has adversely affected many nation’s economies as well as […]

5 Investment Mistakes to Avoid

In life, mistakes are inevitable but when it comes to investment, a costly mistake can mar your life dreams. When you invest, your money is traded in high-interest money market […]

5 Steps to Save for Emergency

Emergencies are unfortunately inevitable hence the need to plan for them financially. But how do you manage to pay your monthly bills and still have enough to put aside for […]

4 reasons to set a budget now

A lot of people are put off by the word ‘Budgeting’ because they see it as something that is tasking or that eliminates the enjoyment of their hard-earned money. If […]

Financial Tips For Every Woman

It’s the month to celebrate women and we’re dishing out financial tips to help keep you grounded financially through every stage of life.

4 Ways To Teach Your Kids About Money

The recent pandemic has forced schools to shut down ahead of schedule causing your kids to stay home even longer than you envisaged. You can put this break to good […]

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